Sunflowers Nursery

Beacon Road

Great Barr


B43 7BW


Tel: 0121 360 9859

Typical Day

When planning our day we use a combination of the following activities to meet the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage*:



Free Play                   drawing, jigsaws, construction toys etc




Messy Play                painting, sand, water, play dough, printing,  

                                  junk modelling, college, sticking etc




Quiet Times               books, snoozing, cuddles, favourite DVD's etc




Group Activities         cooking, games, reading, key group time, writing,

                                 number activities, outings etc




Garden Time              large toys, gardening, picnics, nature projects,

                                  balls, beanbags, hoops, climbing equipment etc




Story Time                 singing, action rhymes and songs, dancing and

                                 role play etc




Meal Times                breakfast, lunch, teatime and snack times, at all

                                 meal times we encourage interaction between all

                                 the age ranges of children




* The seven areas of the Foundation Stage are 'Personal, Social and Emotional Development', 'Communication and Language', 'Physical Development', 'Literacy', 'Mathematics', 'Understanding the World' and 'Expressive Arts and Design'.